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KATE MIDDLETON arrived at the Commonwealth Day Service today dressed in a royal blue dress coat with stunning blue stiletto heels. Kate Middleton arrived at the Commonwealth Day Service with her husband Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a stunning royal blue dress coat with a matching hat for the annual occasion. The coat appears to be a customised version of the Catherine Walker ‘Sapphire’ coat.



The royal has accessorised with a stunning sapphire pendant necklace that perfectly matches her iconic engagement ring which previously belonged to Princess Diana. Kate also wore some sapphire earrings to go with the rest of her jewellery. The Duchess wore both the earrings and the necklace the first time she met the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which may have been a subtle nod to Ukraine by Kate.



Due to her hat keeping her long brunette longs back, Kate wore her gorgeous hair down at the back, which looked amazing on the Duchess. Kate had curled her brunette hair into pretty ringlets. She also appeared to be carrying a black clutch bag in her hand which accompanied her blue stiletto heel shoes.



Royal fans took to social media to spread their delight at seeing the Duchess. Twitter user @cadimamartins wrote: “Gorgeous couple! “HRH Catherine is very elegant.” Another Twitter user @isabelcmalkin said: “Wonderful coat dress in a beautiful colour. “I love the hat, lovely and elegant couple!” Social media user @hellen3030 commented with: “Perfection!”



Royal fan @su_brompton added: “Absolutely stunning.” Another royal watcher, @RoyallyBlunt wrote: “Goddess! “Breathtakingly beautiful in blue!” A fan of the Duchess of Cambridge called @CambridgeAimee said: “Obsessed with the hat, colour, jewellery, everything!” A Twitter user @MyaCitizen96 commented saying: “Never knew this blue tone will look so nice on her.”



Social media user @DancingInfinit1 wrote: “I am always floored by how amazing she looks, love her whole vibe!”
Another fan, @RoyallyBelle_ said: “Catherine’s hat and hair today is just perfection.” Twitter user @Madamdefa agreed saying: “Love the hat – Jackie Kennedy vibes.”


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