KATE MIDDLETON has revitalised ‘one shoulder dresses’ after appearing in one for her 40th birthday portrait series.
Kate Middleton posed in three Alexander McQueen dresses for her 40th birthday. One of the dresses was a £3,450 red asymmetric one shoulder dress from Alexander McQueen that has caused royal fans to go wild.



Analysis of Google search data revealed that online searches for ‘one shoulder dress’ exploded 733 percent in the UK on January 10, two days after Kate appeared wearing the dress. A new finding by fabric experts Dalston-Mill Fabrics revealed that online searches for ‘one shoulder dress’ skyrocketed to seven times the average volume in one day.


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Kate’s £3,450 one shoulder dress, which was designed by Alexander McQueen features an asymmetrical design with a puff sleeve and cinched-in waist detail. This stunning red dress paired with some statement diamond earrings made for the perfect regal look. Daena Borrowman, Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Kate’s style.



She said: “The Duchess of Cambridge looks every bit the future monarch in the three special portraits captured by Paolo Roversi to commemorate her 40th birthday. “Though she married into the Royal Family only a decade ago, she has settled into her role with an almost inborn grace.



“Three images, inspired by Victorian photography and the work of Cecil Beaton, have been taken against a plain backdrop, showing a serene, ageless and beaming Duchess. “Interestingly, while Kate has tirelessly worked to always project a very relatable public persona, these portraits have captured a more dignified and regal side.


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“They are very reminiscent of the typically fairytale-like portraits favoured by the late Queen Mother, Queen Victoria and the teenage birthday portraits of the current Queen. “However, one can tell that she has still maintained a sense of control over the endeavour by choosing to wear a trio of dresses from one of her favourite fashion houses, Alexander McQueen, who also created her unforgettable wedding dress. “She wears her hair down in effortless waves and her makeup is natural, as she likes it.



“The only coloured image of the three, shows her in a magnificent satin scarlet gown with a striking puffed sleeve and her right hand in a pocket, wearing the Queen’s Diamond Frame Earrings. “Of the two monochrome images, one is a close up in which she is confidently smiling into the camera, wearing a ruffled sleeve dress inspired by the poet William Blake, as well as the Collingwood earrings from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana’s collection.



“The second monochrome image has captured her in a goddess-like bearing. “She is posing sideways in an off-shoulder tulle number, wearing three pieces of jewellery from Princess Diana, including the Collingwood earrings, a three-strand pearl bracelet and that iconic sapphire engagement ring.” A spokesperson for Dalston-Mill Fabrics commented on the findings of their study for Express.co.uk.



They said: “The Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday portraits highlight her timeless and elegant style. “The Duchess has an extraordinary ability to create an effortlessly classy look and she knows which brands and designers work best for her, with Alexander McQueen being a brand she used for her wedding, over 10 years ago. “Her clever use of wearing the same brands over and over again means that she manages to build an image for herself that is easily identifiable.”


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