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Harry’s former girlfriend said she was questioned by police after the incident. Before marrying American actress Meghan Markle, Prince Harry dated Cressida Bonas. The Duke of Sussex has moved to California with his wife and children after stepping down from his royal duties.



According to a report in mailplus , police found a bag full of cash and drugs from Cressida’s house . Talking about the incident, she said she was questioned by police after the episode. “It seemed to have come from the sky. Soon after, two policemen urgently knocked on my door. Confused, I invited them in, they hurriedly went to retrieve the bag. Inside was a load of money, drugs and keys belonging to expensive cars. They inquired if the items were mine. “Certainly not,” I said.’


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She added, “That evening, the policemen returned and I was interviewed for an hour. Drug deals occur regularly on our street. They happen in a flash; a hand through a car window, bowed heads and hushed voices.”



Prince Harry says mom Princess Diana ‘smashed the wall’ around HIV stigma; Vows to continue her advocacy work

Prince Harry recently sat down for a chat with rugby player and HIV advocate Gareth Thomas for the UK’s National HIV Testing Week. Speaking with Thomas, who created the Tackle HIV campaign, Harry was seen chatting with the Rugby player virtually from his California home which he shares with wife Meghan Markle and their two children.


prince harry seeks police protection
During the chat, the Duke of Sussex opened up about his decision to continue to advocate for HIV awareness and also spoke about his mother, Princess Diana’s contribution when it comes to the same.



Speaking about how Princess Diana helped fight HIV stigma, Prince Harry said, “What my mom did, and what so many other people did at that time, was to smash that wall down. To kick the door open and say, ‘No. When people are suffering, then we need to learn more, and if there’s a stigma that’s playing such a large part of it, then what we really need to do is talk about it more”, via People.


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Prince Harry further noted that his mother’s work was “powerful” and maintained that what she started all those years ago was “creating empathy.” The Duke of Sussex further explained the importance of HIV testing and added that every single one of us has the duty to get tested. The Duke of Sussex has been known to have been an active advocate when it comes to HIV awareness and previously had also undergone HIV tests alongside singer Rihanna during his 2016 visit to her hometown Barbados.


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