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Editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, stated the Duchess of Cambridge is much more athletic than her husband, Prince William, and she could do “practically any sport there was”.


However, Kate does not get involved with horses.
Ms Seward, said: “By the time she left school, she could do practically any sport there was.


“She’s very athletic – much more than William. “He is a very good swimmer like his mum, a rider and he played football and water polo.



“The only thing she doesn’t do is get involved with horses.”
Queen Elizabeth II remains an avid horse rider and is often spotted enjoying a ride in the grounds of her many estates.


In her youth, the Queen used to join the Trooping the Colour military parade on horseback, wearing a ceremonial uniform. Princess Anne has since taken up the mantle and made headlines in 2019 when she was seen wearing a black frockcoat on horseback.



Much like her mother, Princess Anne is an avid horse rider and she debuted in public competition at age 11. A series of victories followed, including a win in a jumping event held by the queen at Windsor Home Park.

kate middleton earn it


Princess Anne made history when she became the first British royal to compete at an Olympic Games.



The Princess Royal was part of the three-day eventing team at the 1976 Games in Montreal.


In the event, Anne rode her mother’s horse Goodwill.


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