Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg unexpectedly blew up on TikTok with a holiday song they made years ago.



The unlikely duo worked together in Pitch Perfect 2 back in 2015 and made a cool remix of the holiday classics ‘Winter Wonderland‘ and ‘Here Comes Santa Claus‘. The catchy mash-up, which was taken from a small scene in the movie, somehow resurfaced years after the film was released and now became a viral holiday dance on TikTok.


The holiday song mash-up was taken from a scene in Pitch Perfect 2, where Kendrick’s character Beca showcased her musical prowess by sprucing up Snoop Dogg’s ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland’ song.



While Snoop was in the recording studio, she jumped in singing ‘Here Comes Santa Claus‘ and also added electronic drum beats, making the mash-up more entertaining and eventually impressing the music producer, played by Keegan-Michael Key. The video clip has received well over 500,000 likes on YouTube. Many were surprised that Snoop could sing so smoothly, while some OG Barden fans are requesting for a Pitch Perfect Christmas album.


“Pitch Perfect needs to have a Christmas album. It would break records,” one fan commented. “The worst thing about this song is that they never made this into a real full song,” another one said.



It may not have been recorded into a full song but the mash-up has been immortalized as one of the viral dances on TikTok. Last year, best friends @karawardddd and @laneyysgrig created the dance video, which quickly trended on the platform.


Kendrick and Snoop were unaware that a mash-up they did from years ago resurfaced and became such a big hit on TikTok.



While not everyone knew the origin of the catchy holiday mash-up song, TikTokers like Jojo Siwa, Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio hopped in on the trend as well.


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