While Meghan stunned in a blue gown, Doria stole the show in a Burberry dress, with fans praising the royal-in-law for her composed appearance and ageless looks on social media.



But New Idea hears whispers that fellow royal-in-law, Carole Middleton, wasn’t quite as impressed with her appearance.



After all, Carole has always been hailed by the media as the perfect mother-in-law, as she never puts a foot wrong while attending events with her daughter, the Duchess of Cambridge.So it wouldn’t be a surprise if she was feeling a little jealous of the attention Doria is getting.



“Carole fought long and hard to have her middle-class family truly accepted by the royals, and she was the victim of some terrible snobbery from some of the family’s blue-blooded hangers-on,” says the source.



“She’s not a bad person or anything, but it has been a little galling for her to see everyone falling all over themselves for Doria.”Just days after Doria made headlines, Carole announced the release of her new ocean-themed range for her company, Party Pieces.



She followed that up with a rare interview with SheerLuxe magazine to discuss her career, putting her firmly back in the headlines. Sources can’t help but note that the timing seems “suspicious”.



“Carole is nothing if not enterprising, and gave a cheeky little interview and released a new party range, which ensured she was back in the headlines as the cool royal mother-in-law and granny,” they added.


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