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Industry tips: The Power of Frestlye



As an Artist, one thing u must always think of, is how to be on top of the bill boards.
And you can not achieve this if all you do, is to release your songs.

As an artist, one thing u must always do, is to keep your fans updated. And u can’t achieve this with just a track. Because you can not release songs everyday or week.
If you need people to notice you in the music industry, then follow this steps..

. Always Keep your listeners updated, there are many artist, and in other not to loose or give your listeners to your competitors, then you must always flow with your listeners.

. Do freestyles at least ones in a week. Promote it on your Instagram and Facebook. I mean good freestyle with your producer.

. Run ads at least ones every week on your social media handles.

. Build your social handles.

. People are really getting views on tiktok. what are you waiting for!

As I will always advice you, build your team. Don’t waste your time and money on celebrity producers or camera’s. Build your team.

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