5 Strategies That Will Help You As An Upcoming Musician

As people may say, without connection you go no were.

But is not always about connection, is about how you place your card, how prepared you are and how good you are. 
If you want to blow! you must be good, you must be prepared and never give up. As they say, many are called but few are chosen.If you want to be the chosen, then this steps will guide and lead you there.
1. Believe you can do it

2. Be unique

3. Do things others haven’t done


5. Know what your fans like. 
Note. Your source in this life is either God is leading you or the devil, if God is leading you.You must do what he wants,Your vision must be to change lives and not to destroy them with your songs. Am not saying you should become a Gospel musician, but sing songs that change lives.If you are singing about love, let it be songs that will heal broken homes, songs that talk about through love.. Not about everything in a woman’s body.

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